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This website will assist in providing you with better insight into your planning for the future. We are always here to help you evaluate your existing plans/strategies and to advise on how to make it better and safer as you get older. You may have your pension growth invested in a high risk plan to maximize earning but the general accepted idea is to re-filter your investments into a no-risk plan to protect what you have accumulated. We will also, with no obligation, provide you with a detailed pension report showing an estimate of what you will be paid from age 55 to 70. This will help you with your planning at what age you would like to retire vs what age you may have to retire.....

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Meetings must be Off-Campus

Unfortunately, due to the sad events that have taken place recently there have been changes pertaining to non-employee persons on school grounds. We completely understand and appreciate whatever we can do to keep our precious children safer. With that said, we need to conduct all educational and sales meeting at home or at a common meeting area. Please contact me to make an appointments to help you better understand your pension and other financial retirement decisions....

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We're here to help you get a better understanding on how your Pension works and how to maximize your savings in a safe and tax-deferred manner. No one has ever lost a penny with our 403b indexed fixed annuities.